OTM - To flu shot or not to flu shot that is the question 12-13-17

December 14, 2017

Should we get the flu shot or should we decline? Take a look at what is in the flu shot and you'll be horrified. See how mercury affects your body and just how much mercury is in a current flu shot. You make the decision.


OTM - Are You Affluent or Effluent in your Faith in Yeshua 12-06-17

December 11, 2017


Today on Oppposing The Matrix I asked the question, "Is your faith in Yeshua affluent or effluent?" There is a lot to consider. I also recorded live the audio from President Trump's speech and signing of the order to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv and Trump's Declaration that the US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's true capital.


OTM - Khazar the code name for Zionist 11-29-17

November 30, 2017

Tonight on Opposing The Matrix I talked about how The Protocols of The Elders of Zion is a fake work and how modern people who hate Jews are using the word Khazar to refer to Zionists. I explained the false notion of a Zionist and what a real Zionist is.


OTM - Not a Demon Under Every Rock 11-22-17

November 27, 2017

Last night on Opposing The Matrix I discussed the faulted notion that Christians have to look for demons under every rock and in fact, many of our faults result from living in the flesh. In addition, I talked about people making a big deal over normal weather and attributing so many things to weather corruption via Chemtrails. I also addressed some current events.


OTM - Should believers be armed 11-15-2017

November 17, 2017

Tonight on Opposing The Matrix I discussed Ezekiel's Wheel, The Rise of Accidents because of legalized Marijuana, a new medication for schizophrenia that actually has an electronic sensor (scary), and the main topic was the question of if it's scriptural for a believer in Yeshua to carry a gun or other weapon for self-defense.


OTM - Christians Celebrating Halloween 10-30-17

November 6, 2017

On Opposing The Matrix I talked about this being the time of year when many "Christians" celebrate the demonic day of Halloween. I looked at some of the loopholes that "Christians" use to get around sinning in this manner and I talked about the history of Halloween. I also rebutted an article written by a supposed Cemetary, Oops, I meant Seminary pastor who says that it's perfectly Okay for Christians to celebrate Halloween and calls on Christians to take back Halloween for Jesus.


OTM - Sheriff Joe Lombardo of Las Vegas needs our prayers 10-18-17

October 19, 2017

Today on Opposing The Matrix I addressed the fact that Sheriff Joe Lombardo of Las Vegas needs desperate prayer for protection and for a way to safely get out of the quagmire that he's been placed into. He's clearly a man under duress and needs deliverance by Yahweh Yeshua and as many Heavenly Angels that he can supply.


OTM - The Pedophiles are revealed more on Las Vegas Shooting 10-11-17

October 15, 2017

Today on Opposing The Matrix I talked about the current exposing of higher profile pedophiles and sexual abusers and how the lower levels are being taken out to lead to the highest profile sexual predators like the Clinton's and Obama's.

In addition, I talked about some new evidence that has come to light in regard to the Las Vegas Sacrificial Killings and I presented an audio by someone who is more of an expert on the Illuminati and how they use signs and numbers to reveal their handiwork.


OTM - The Whole Las Vegas Shooting Stinks to High Heaven 10-05-17

October 5, 2017


After having researched the Las Vegas Shooting last Sunday I have found it riddled with inconsistencies and lies. It is the ultimate False Flag of the Decade (so far anyway).

Today I showed irrefutable proof that the shooting was a planned event and that it involves much more than we could ever expect. Whether it was an ISIS plan, an Antifa plan or whatever, it was an event that will forever change America.

I took the liberty of including the Las Vegas PD's dispatcher's audio toward the end of the show. It's long but it gives a lot of data for people to absorb


OTM - The Las Vegas Shooting and Planet X Possibilities 10-03-17

October 5, 2017


Yes, we mourn the deaths and injuries of so many people that occurred in Las Vegas yesterday. At the same time, there have been so many inconsistencies in the story and so much disinformation spread that many questions have to be asked. Tonight I addressed many of those inconsistencies and perhaps left more questions than answers but one thing is clear, there was more than one shooter and they didn't shoot from the higher floors. Listen to the show and judge for yourself.

In addition, I addressed even further what might be causing the strange events that have been happening to the earth. Is there a celestial object that is messing with our sun and causing the Earth to wobble? Also, I played an audio/video by Dr. Claudia Albers that shows that there is an object near the Sun that is causing havoc in our solar system and on earth.

This is an edited edition. I fell asleep during Dr. Alber's interview and had a long period of dead air that has been edited out. Many thanks to Adobe Audition.